Interview of Jack Sanchez
By Eduardo Hernandez

Eduardo: I am here talking to with Mr. Sanchez regarding his world war experience. Mr. Sanchez was born March 20, 1920 at Sierra Blanca.

Mr. Sanchez: Yes, Sierra Blanca.

Eduardo: Sierra Blanca isÖ.?

Mr. Sanchez: 86 miles from El Paso.

Eduardo: He was living there when he first got drafter. In what year sir?

Mr. Sanchez: In 1942.

Eduardo: In 1942, and you got transferred to?

Mr. Sanchez: to Fort Bliss in Texas.

Eduardo: Fort Bliss in El Paso. You got basic training there?

Mr. Sanchez: Just a little bit, hiking and maybe, if I remember4 right target practice.

Eduardo: And target practice and from Fort Bliss. From there you got transferred to?

Mr. Sanchez: To San Antonio.

Eduardo: To San Antonio, Texas too.

Mr. Sanchez: To Brooks Airforce field.

Eduardo: And you stayed just for a couple of months there?

Mr. Sanchez: No, I stayed, I forgot how long.

Eduardo: It was a short while?

Mr. Sanchez: Yeah but it wasnít too long.

Eduardo: and from there you then got transferred to?

Mr. Sanchez: Del Rio Laughlin Airforce Base.

Eduardo: Did you get more training there?

Mr. Sanchez: Yeah, the same thing, it was a small base, but it wasnít that name.

Eduardo: Oh, it wasnít that name?

Mr. Sanchez: No, it was named after a camp from Del Rio by the name of Laughlin, so they put it Laughlin.

Eduardo: It was named after who?

Mr. Sanchez: A king from the folks.

Eduardo: Then after that you got transferred to Boston, Massachusetts?

Mr. Sanchez: Yeah to Boston and then to Germany

Eduardo: To Germany.

Mr. Sanchez: No, no from Warrenton, England.

Eduardo: First you went to Warrenton, England?

Mr. Sanchez: Yes, then.

Eduardo: There was a US base there in Warrenton, England?

Mr. Sanchez: Oh yes.

Eduardo: ok, and then to Germany?

Mr. Sanchez: No from there they sent me to Boston and then to Germany.

Eduardo: But you were not in combat?

Mr. Sanchez: No.

Eduardo: What was your duty there? Do you remember?

Mr. Sanchez: a clerk.

Eduardo: I know they told me you used to send supplies too.

Mr. Sanchez: The base supplies called all that clerks who distribute clothing, or what ever they needed, guns.

Eduardo: But you were not involved in the invasion?

Mr. Sanchez: Oh no.

Eduardo: You went afterwards?

Mr. Sanchez: Yes afterwards. I was in Warrenton, England when the invasion happened.

Eduardo: When the invasion happened in France, and since then went afterwards to Germany?

Mr. Sanchez: Oh yes.

Eduardo: You were sent driving to several villages?

Mr. Sanchez: From the main base to the radio stations, they were out there in the mountains.

Eduardo: Oh, so you would take supplies to the radio stations?

Mr. Sanchez: for whatever they needed.

Eduardo: But you never saw no combat?

Mr. Sanchez: No, I never saw that.

Eduardo: It was already full of US soldiers when you got there?

Mr. Sanchez: Yeah.

Eduardo: And you told me you had two brothers that went to war?

Mr. Sanchez: Yes.

Eduardo: Your older brother was the first one to go?

Mr. Sanchez: Yeah, he volunteered.

Eduardo: And where did he get sent to?

Mr. Sanchez: What?

Eduardo: Your older brother, where did he get sent to?

Mr. Sanchez: He was in California and then to Seattle, Washington.

Eduardo: And he was a coast guard?

Mr. Sanchez: A coast guard.

Eduardo: Did he ever go to war?

Mr. Sanchez: No, no actual combat.

Eduardo: You said your younger brother also got drafted.

Mr. Sanchez: oh yes, He was in the invasion.

Eduardo: Oh he was in the invasion.

Mr. Sanchez: He was wounded during the invasion.

Eduardo: He got drafted the same year you got drafted?

Mr. Sanchez: No, I think it was a year later.

Eduardo: He went a year later and you told me you got drafted in 1942, correct?

Mr. Sanchez: me, yes

Eduardo: Yes, and you would deliver supplies to the radio stations there in Germany. After the war ended do you remember what year you came back to the United States.

Mr. Sanchez: in 46

Eduardo: in 1946, you came back to Laughlin Airforce Base.

Mr. Sanchez: Yes, from Germany to Laughlin, to Del Rio.

Eduardo: And you worked in Laughlin?

Mr. Sanchez: Yeah, after almost ten years later.

Eduardo: You worked there in Laughlin?

Mr. Sanchez: they opened the base.

Eduardo: Oh they had closed it?

Mr. Sanchez: Yeah, it was closed for a while and then I got a job in a warehouse.

Eduardo: You told me you also worked in civil services?

Mr. Sanchez: Yes.

Eduardo: What were you in charge of?

Mr. Sanchez: No, I was in charge of a unit in base supply. Like restricted areas where they kept all the ammunition and guns.

Eduardo: And also you told me early (sorry, Iím going back to the war) that you also salvage airplanes, whatever parts you can from it?

Mr. Sanchez: Yeah, they used to put them in the junk yard and we cut them in pieces.

Eduardo: and salvage whatever was good to build more airplanes?

Mr. Sanchez: Yeah, or use the medal again.

Eduardo: ok. Mr. Sanchez when you came back to the United States, back to Del Rio, you got married in Del Rio?

Mr. Sanchez: No, before going overseas.

Eduardo: You lived here in Del Rio?

Mr. Sanchez: All the time

Eduardo: All the time?

Mr. Sanchez: What I call all the time, in and out because I used to work in construction. Weíed rent a place and stayed there and came back to Del Rio.

Eduardo: you said here in Del Rio, it was a small town back then? Were there many buildings?

Mr. Sanchez:Oh no, not like now.

Eduardo: You told me that during your construction career, you helped build a hotel.

Mr. Sanchez: Yeah, the Red Top Hotel.

Eduardo: Where was that Hotel located?

Mr. Sanchez: In Del Rio.

Eduardo: Toward what side of town.

Mr. Sanchez: West of Del Rio on Highway 90 of 80.

Eduardo: No, itís highway 90. Anything else you remember?

Mr. Sanchez: Well thatís what I said. I donít have much experience in combat or anything like that.

Eduardo: ok

Mr. Sanchez: So I canít tell something that I donít know.

Eduardo: Ok, but (going back to the war again, sorry) you said your younger brother was in combat. Now did both of your brothers come back home? Did both of them make it back home?

Mr. Sanchez: No, one stayed in Washington.

Eduardo: Oh but they both came back from Germany?

Mr. Sanchez: And the other one started working inKelly Air Force base in San Antonio.

Eduardo: So you are not originally from Del Rio but after the war? You stayed here in Del Rio the rest of your life?

Mr. Sanchez: yeah.

Eduardo: you told me the population was very small.

Mr. Sanchez: yeah, it wasnít half as big as now.

Eduardo: any other building that you remember. Was the court house already here in Del Rio?

Mr. Sanchez: Oh, yes.

Eduardo: ok, sir.

Mr. Sanchez: thatís about all that I can tell you.

Eduardo: That about all you can tell me, well thank you very much Mr. Sanchez. Thank you for letting me do this interview here with you.

Mr. Sanchez: Okay.

Eduardo: Thank you very much.