Val Verde County Historical Commission

Val Verde County Historical Commission

Military & Veteran History Sites of Del Rio and Val Verde County Texas

Frontier Era

Seminole Scouts

World War I

World War II

Cold War

Cuban Missile Crisis

Afghanistan War

Iraq War

Del Rio Memorials

Del Rio’s Civic Center grounds include three memorials
• T-33A Memorial To All Who Flew And Maintained T-33 Aircraft, dedicated 1965
• Monument Dedicated To The Servicemen of Del Rio And Val Verde County, dedicated 1983, with names from WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan are listed
• Purple Heart Memorial Dedicated To All Men And Women Wounded In All Our Wars, with names listed


Laughlin Heritage Foundation Museum
The Museum on South Main Street has displays about Laughlin Army Air Field and Laughlin Air Force Base.


San Felipe Exes Museum
has a monument to World War II veteran
Ramon G. Gutierrez—“El Sancudo,” “Del Rio’s Most Decorated Serviceman”


U.S. Post Office on Bedell Avenue
• Airman Raymond Losano, In Memoriam, 1970-2003, the first Del Rioan to die in the Mideast during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.


In 2004, the San Felipe Del Rio C.I.S.D. has named the street in front of Del Rio Middle School for Airman Losano.


Westlawn Cemetery
• Lt. Jack Laughlin Cenotaph: service in Second World War; KIA; namesake of Laughlin A.F.B. (this is a cenotaph because his body was not buried below)



Laughlin Air Force Base
Memorials and Displays

Laughlin main gate 1950s.

Laughlin Air Force Base’s main gate no longer looks like the 1950s.
The Base is generally not open to the public. One exception is the annual air show.
For those with Base access, several historical exhibits may be found.


Anderson Hall
The Base headquarters building is named for Major Rudolf Anderson, the first recipient of the Air Force Cross.


Liberty Park
Nine aircraft are on display near the Main Gate. Each aircraft display includes an identifying plaque.

Liberty Park inside Laughlin main gate



Courtesy of the

Val Verde County Historical Commission

Historical Markers Placed by the
Val Verde County Historical Commission
and Texas Historical Commission

Click on the Val Verde County Historical Commission historical marker map to see a map with the sites of historical markers in Val Verde County.

East of Laughlin Air Force Base’s Main Gate (less than half a mile from Gate on US Highway 90)

Military Aviation in Val Verde County (WWII, Cold War, & Cuban Missile Crisis)

Lt. Jack Laughlin (WWII)

    Jack Laughlin

Laughlin Army Air Field (WWII)

Major Rudolf Anderson (Cuban Missile Crisis)

    Rudolf Anderson


County Courthouse Square
• Camp Hudson, C.S.A. (Frontier Era)


Whitehead Memorial Museum at 1308 South Main Street

Seminole-Negro Scouts

    seminole scouts


Star Park at North Main St. and 4th St.

Operation Brass Knob (Cuban Missile Crisis)


San Felipe Creek and Creekside Parks

U.S. Army Camel Corps (Frontier Era; in State Park between US Highway 90 and Southern Pacific railroad tracks)

Camp Michie (World War I; at the Moore Park Swimming Pool)

Camp Del Rio (Frontier Era; near Joe Ramos Center)


Pecos River High Bridge Overlook & Rest Stop on US Highway 90 at the Pecos River

Medal of Honor Fight (Seminole Scouts)


State Highway 163

Dead Man’s Pass (Frontier era; @10 miles north of Comstock)

• Camp Hudson (Frontier era; @20 miles north of Comstock)

Hood’s Devil’s River Fight (Frontier Era; @42 miles north of Comstock)


Neighboring Kinney County
also has a variety of veteran sites and memorials

• Fort Clark Springs is a community within the old boundaries of Fort Clark. Many of the Frontier Era building remain standing and in use
• Numerous historical markers and Recorded Texas Historical Landmark medallions are scattered around the Post
• The Kinney County Courthouse Square features a dual-sided historical marker naming Fort Clark, USA and Fort Clark, CSA
• The Courthouse Square also has two veterans In Memoriam for WWI, WWII, Korea War, and Vietnam War
• Veterans from the Frontier Era, WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam are interred in the Seminole Cemetery outside Brackettville. Three Congressional Medal of Honor recipients from the Frontier Era are interred there.

David Fay gravestone