First United Methodist Church Old Methodist Church Building Old First Baptist Church Building Glenn-Dowe House Old Elks Lodge Hall Del Rio National Bank Elks Lodge Hall Val Verde County Courthouse Square Kress Building The Guarentee by Stool Woolworth Building Old Del Rio National Bank Building G.H.&S.A./Southern Pacific Railroad Old Del Rio City Hall/Firehouse Rose Dawn Office Weathersbee Home Trains with refrigerated cargos would stop next to the Cooling Tower which made ice to cool down the insulated box cars.  Blocks of ice were pushed along the elevated Ice Dock, and then dropped into the railroad cars. Del Rio was once known at the Wool and Mohair Capital of the World.  The Edward's Plateau of Texas and Val Verde County has a climate and terrain well-suited for sheep and goats. Del Rio's First Presbyterian Church has been part of the community for a century. This building served as the chapel for the Presbyterian Church until it built the maeeting house across the street.  At the time of this photo, the building served as the County Library. Old First Christian Church Building. Warner Building. The Hyman Building is one of the oldest commercial buildings in Del Rio, having been built in the 1880s.