Val Verde County Historical Commission

Val Verde County Historical Commission

Roosevelt Park of Del Rio

Doug Braudaway
Southwest Texas Junior College

Roosevelt Park is one of Del Rio’s younger parks and is a second park area deeded to the City by the Greenwood Family. The area east of the Third Railroad Addition and south of the railroad tracks was owned by William Greenwood who platted the area as four city blocks. The northeastern and southeastern blocks (Blocks 1 & 4) remained undeveloped while the western two blocks (Blocks 2 & 3) were platted and developed into a residential neighborhood.1

In the 1930s the tract was owned by members of the Greenwood Family. The initial sale of land to the City occurred in 1933 when members sold their interest. A second sale to the City by Margaret Greenwood (by Fannie R. Greenwood because of Margaret’s status as “N.C.M”: non compus mentus) cleared the title to the tract in 1934. On December 10, 1941 a deed confirmed that the terms of the sale had been completed by the City of Del Rio. The various deeds mention the condition that the land was “to be used as city park” though no specific name was written.2

The baseball field did not exist until 1948. Late in 1947 the Junior Chamber of Commerce approached the City Commission suggesting “the possibility of making a base ball diamond at Roosevelt park” along with a long lease to the Chamber to use the park once completed. On January 6, 1948 the City Commission issued an agreement of lease to the Chamber (for one dollar per year). The Chamber was obligated protect trees or have a profession move trees needed to make way for the diamond and to make improvements including the fencing and grandstands.3

The name Roosevelt does not appear in official records until 1947, and so it is likely the park is named for President Franklin D. Roosevelt who led the country through the Depression and the Second World War but died in 1945.

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