Langtry Reunion 2012, with Babb Cemetery marker dedication

Babb Cemetery marker dedication
A few of us drove over to the Babb Cemetery to dedicate the Historic Texas Cemetery marker. Attending the dedication were Lewis Bassett, Mike Bassett, Tricia Bassett, Bassett Billings, Joan Billings, Tommy Billings, Doug Braudaway, Billie Hall Carey, Jan Carey, Gee Ramirez, Jack Skiles, Raymond Skiles (manning the camera for this shot), Daina Skiles Swartz, and Cynthia Hall Thiel.

Babb Cemetery marker dedication
Meanwhile, back at the Langtry Community Center, the goat meat was being prepared by Richard Sanchez (in the red cap, and continuing clockwise), Bernie Thiel, Pete Billings (the patriarch of the goat-fry), Adrian Billings (in the other hat), Bill MacDonald (wearing the other cap), Blake Billings (facing away from the camera). Also helping was Zane Billings, who stepped out for a drink and missed this picture.

goat meat being prepared
Spices have been added, and the goat meat is prepared for cooking.

goat meat frying
It takes a some big fryers to cook the meat for the entire Reunion.

goat meat cooked
The men are getting close to having the supper's main course ready.

Langtry Reunion supper 2012
An evening of family, friends, and feasting was had by all.