The Langtry Old Settlers' Reunion

Every year the residents and descendents of Langtry families gather in Langtry for The Old Settlers’ Reunion. In 2007, it occured on April 21. The families share historic photos and scrapbooks covering the community’s history while outside the old schoolhouse, goat was fried. This year, a historical marker for the famous Fitzsimmons-Maher Prizefight was dedicated.

Langtry reunion 2007-marker veiled
The Val Verde County Historical Commission generally dedicates Langtry area historical markers during the Langtry Old Settlers' Reunion which occurs annually in April. Here, a veiled marker awaits an audience.

Langtry reunion 2007-crowd listening to Skiles
Jack Skiles is a long time resident of Langtry and a source of things historical. Skiles is telling the audience about the famous, or infamous, prizefight held in the canyon of the Rio Grande.

Langtry reunion 2007-marker unveiling
The marker is entitled Fitzsimmons-Maher Prizefight.

Langtry reunion 2007-frying goat
Back at the Langtry Community Center, a supper featuring fried goat is being prepared.

Langtry reunion 2007-historic photos
Inside, the Langtry families share old photos...

Langtry reunion 2007-scrapbooks
and scrapbooks.

Langtry reunion 2007-Langtry feast
And finally, the feast begins, and the visiting with old friends and new continues.