Val Verde County Historical Commission

Val Verde County Historical Commission

Greenwood Park of Del Rio

Doug Braudaway
Southwest Texas Junior College

Greenwood Park appears to be Del Rio’s first city park, dating to 1914. Frank and Mary O. Greenwood deeded this land (Block 1, Range 1, North Del Rio) on December 24, 1913, and the land was accepted by the City Commission on March 10, 1914. The park was to be maintained by the ladies of the Civic League, though City crews made improvements in the park such as pouring cement sidewalks. The deed also notes that the tract will be named Greenwood Park.1

The Mexican Revolution brought a number of refugees to Del Rio during the 1910s. Fleeing the violence, Mexican nationals often crossed the Rio Grande to Eagle Pass and San Antonio. Smaller numbers are known to have traveled to Del Rio where Greenwood Park served as a temporary campsite for refugees.2

Greenwood Park clearly was a source of pride for the city’s leaders. “The principle achievement of the Civic League is Greenwood Park, a refreshing spot in the center of the city, bordered with cement walks—the grass covered lawns, trees and palms encircling a handsome bandstand, after the early Spanish style and costing more than $2,000.00. An electrically lighted, bronze, light standard is at the intersection of the five streets radiating from the park.”3

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