Val Verde County Historical Commission

Val Verde County Historical Commission



This page covers the cemeteries of Val Verde County. For some of the cemeteries, the VVCHC has data such as names and dates of burials recorded. The links go to documents available to the public.



Several cemeteries have been surveyed by Billie Ruth Coleman. Her book, Val Verde County Cemeteries: Westlawn, Masonic, Sacred Heart, Del Rio Memorial Park (Formerly Oaklawn) Plus Carta Valley and Whitehead Memorial Museum, alphabetically lists names of the deceased with gravestone information for burials in six cemeteries.

The Del Rio Cemeteries Historic District is one of very few Texas cemeteries listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The Westlawn, Masonic, and Sacred Heart Cemeteries are included in the District.

Cemeteries District NR plaque

Cemeteries District entrances



The first cemetery to receive Historic Texas Cemetery status in Val Verde County is Babb Cemetery at Langtry. It is a small cemetery on the south edge of the Langtry townsite.

Babb HTC plaque
The concrete is still wet in this picture of the Babb Cemetery Historic Texas Cemetery medallion and plaque (April 2012).



The Langtry Cemetery is larger, and a Historic Texas Cemetery application is being prepared. The Langtry Cemetery was inventoried in September of 2003 by the Val Verde Genealogical Society.



The Val Verde Genealogical Society inventoried the Comstock Cemetery in April of 2003.



The V.V.C.H.C. list of burials for Cemeterio la Loma de la Cruz. The cemetery has a subject marker and is the county's second listed Historic Texas Cemetery, dedicated in 2012. The V.V.C.H.C. also has a list of burials. However, much damage has occurred to the site. Many grave markers are gone.



V.V.C.H.C. member Mary Poole is surveying San Felipe Cemetery listing the names of known burials there. The project is ongoing, so the list is not complete.

San Felipe Cemetery diagram